About Ñocha Malén

Ñocha Malen is a group of basket weavers in Ñocha, natives of the town of Huentelolén – Commune of Cañete-, which was created in 2012 thanks to a project developed by CMPC through Forestal Mininco with the objective of rescuing and promoting a cultural and ancestral manifestation of Lafquenche.

“For us, as CMPC, the Ñocha Malen project shows us a pathway in how we communicate with our neighbours, where everybody can contribute with their knowledge and reality”.

Many times, we have been presented as opposite worlds. However, Ñocha Malen proves otherwise; we can complement each other and get ahead successful experiences together. For instance, in the case of Forestal Mininco, through our technical knowledge, we could contribute with the recovery of a vegetable fiber -the ñocha- which is becoming increasingly scarce, and with the technology needed for its cultivation. Ñocha Malen, on the other hand, gave us its knowledge of fiber weaving, and also helped us to learn more about their valuable and rich culture.

This development has been reflected among others, by obtaining the Seal of Excellence distinctions for Crafts awarded by the National Council of Culture to Mariela Maribur in 2013 and Juana Maribur in 2015.

Nowadays, Ñocha Malen’s artisans have made a space of their own, for their human, technical and artistic quality of the team they form. This implies that we see a great projection on their work and the way in which it has developed, as a group of women who share an ancestral knowledge and great talent on community workshops where they also foster friendship. Obviously, this is an experience we are interested on expanding and encouraging.

“Of the artisans, we admire and love the conviction with which they work. From the beginning, when we first met the project, it was clear to us that they would stand out, because they were full of desire to learn and challenge themselves.”

Augusto Robert
CMPC Public affairs and sustainability manager


For us, it is wonderful what we have achieved as Ñocha Malen: Participating in important fairs, receiving awards and recognitions … we are proud to be able to show our art.

Artesana Juana Maribur Polma
President of Agrupación Ñocha Malen